America's Small Business Workers' Compensation Insurance

For over a century, we’ve been providing America’s small businesses with cost-effective workers’ compensation insurance. With our emphasis on financial stability and fast, efficient claims service, we now serve clients in 32 states. EMPLOYERS® remains focused on keeping America’s Main Street businesses not only working, but working safely.

Five Ways Businesses Can Prevent Workers' Compensation Claim-Related Fraud

According to the Coalition Against Insurance fraud, claim-related Fraud cost businesses billions of dollars every year. Claim-related fraud can be perpetrated by an employee, a medical provider or vendor, READ MORE >>


Three Tips for Completing an Incident Report with your Workers' Compensation

While no one wants a workplace injury or illness to occur, there are common steps business owners need to take if and when one does occur. When a workplace accident occurs, time is of the essence. The READ MORE >>


Just a few reasons EMPLOYERS is right for your small business:

  • Competitive Pricing—premium discounts and policy dividends available.
  • Cash Flow Assistance—flexible payment plans and low minimum premiums.
  • Stability and Dependability—financially strong with more than 100 years of experience.
  • Fair and Efficient Claim Handling—three-point contact helps manage care and control cost.
  • Anti-Fraud Programs—our investigators have saved tens of millions of dollars.
  • Loss Control Support—online resources help you manage risk and prevent injuries.
  • Managed Care Services—working with healthcare providers to promote quality, cost-appropriate care.
  • One Product, One Focus—workers’ compensation insurance for America’s small businesses.